Programming – Educators are responsible for writing up an observation on every child at least once a month. An Observation will occur after an educator watches the child participate in an experience they enjoy, show skill at, or are struggling with.  From this observation a planned experience will be programmed to continue this interest/skills/weakness and then a follow up of how the child enjoyed the planned experience will be written.


 Our staff have set days for their office time to maintain structure and routine for children and their families. If you would like to discuss any developmental concerns with your child’s room educator, a good time to do so is in their programming time



Portfolio’s -The Portfolio is a special book that contains each month’s observations and follow ups. These documents are available for you to look over any time you wish, just ask your Child’s room leader! It is also handed out during December for you to take home and keep. 



Kinderloop – Kinderloop is a free app for you to download to be kept up to date with photos and information about your child’s day. Upon enrolment you will be given a permission form and you are able to nominate as many email addresses you’d like to have linked to your child. If grandma and grandpa are on email, they can have access and see daily photos of your child! 



School Readiness Program
To ensure the transition from Kindy to School is smooth and easy for all involved we have a School Readiness Program where we focus on the important skills all children need to begin school- social and emotional skills, problem solving and self help skills. Our school readiness program meets the requirements of the Board of Studies and the outcomes from Early Stage 1. We use “Ants in the Apples”, “Reading Eggs” and “Letterland”, this reflects the latest trends in early Literacy and Numeracy teaching in NSW schools. 


Our school readiness program involves:


Excursions –  every Wednesday, we take our school leaver children next door to Kirrawee Public school and participate in a program with the students called “Garden Group”. This helps the children familiarise themselves with the school environment and children.


Transition days – towards the end of the year we have 5 separate days where we take our school leaver children over to Kirrawee Public School to sit in on a class with the kindergarten students. We ensure each weekday has a turn so that every child can experience this. This plays a big part in the children gaining confidence in a school environment.


School readiness group time – During sleep/rest time, we keep our school leavers awake (unless they request a bed) and Kim, our Early Childhood Teacher and our school readiness educator, takes the group into the Acorn room, where there are no sleepers. Here Kim goes through a letter of the week, numbers, colours, cutting, gluing, tracing, sounds and hands on developmental experiences. The children have their own pencil tins to look after and their own school readiness book to maintain, which is available for families to look over at any time and at the school readiness meeting in June/July each year.



School readiness meetings – we invite Parents of school leavers to come for an information night at Treetops. We host a local primary school educator to come and speak to the parents about how to know if your child is ready for school and things you can do to prepare them. Kim is available to answer any questions you have about your child’s development.We hand out school readiness checklists and your child’ school readiness book for you to view.