To ensure we look after our environment Treetops @ Kirrawee have reduced their carbon footprint by:


– Having solar panels power Treetops @ Kirrawee.


– Using sensor lighting where appropriate to ensure lights and fans are only turned on when needed.


– Using natural sunlight from windows and skylights to light the rooms and when needed  lamps or LED lights.


– Having group times and discussions where possible about sustainability


– Teaching children to recycle in the room, having colour coded bins for normal waste and recyclables.


– Growing a veggie garden and letting children understand the importance for plants, why and how to look after them.

– Employing worm farms (2x) for our kitchen and meal waste

– Having 2 silkie chickens that enjoy our leftovers from Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

– Utilising our open windows and turning off air conditioning during pleasant days.

– Using a water tank for all outside water usage.


– Reusing a lot of products required at the centre (milk bottle lids, glove boxes) and using them for craft.