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At Treetops @ Kirrawee we wish to include extracurricular activities for those interested.


On Monday morning at 10:30am-11am, Madame, our French teacher comes in and teaches the children French. Madame is a qualified ESL teacher and teaches currently at TAFE. These classes are complimentary.


On Tuesday mornings at 9am we have music lessons run by Michelle from Mini Maestros. Michelle brings in her Guitar, musical instruments for the children and books to sing along with and teaches the children about music. The classes run for approximately half an hour. *These classes are $10 a class.


On Wednesday afternoons, we take our school leavers over to Kirrawee Public School from 1:45-2pm and participate in a garden group run by the school.


Every second Thursday we have Bupa Sutherland Nursing home come out to visit us with some of their residents.


On Friday mornings at 9am we have a soccer program run by Fast Kickers. A professional Soccer player teaches the children lots of ball skills, drills, balancing and scoring techniques. The classes run for approximately half an hour. *These classes are $10 a class.


You are more than welcome to bring your child along and stay for the duration of class if you’d like your child to participate and they don’t attend Treetops on that particular day.


*The fees charged for these extracurricular lessons go straight to the companies that run them.