What should I bring to kindy each day?

The following are suggested items that should be included for your child;

 -Kindy issued hat (beanie allowed during winter months only)
-Clothes two changes, including spare undies. (Please remember that all clothing should be sun protective and shoes should cover feet and have a non slip sole.)
-Comforters dummy, security blanket or familiar toy if necessary

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What are the ratios in the rooms?

For children aged 1-2 years old, a ratio of 1 staff member to 4 children applies. For children ages 2-3 years old, a ratio of 1 staff member to 5 children applies. At Treetops @ Kirrawee we have 9 1-3 year old children and 2 educators in our Acorn room.

For children aged 3-5 years old, a ratio of 1 staff member to 10 children applies. At Treetops @ Kirrawee we have 20 3-5 year old children and 2 educators in our Oak room.

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How do I keep up to date with current news from the centre?

 Our staff are always available to discuss any aspect of your child’s care or development and meetings can be arranged to suit if more time is needed. We provide two way communications through the following channels:

– Facebook
-Parent/teacher interviews
-Formal and informal conversations
-Emails and telephone calls
-Weekly newsletter sent to emails
-Surveys and questionnaires
-Programs displayed in each room and portfolios
-Observations and follow ups
-Notices, signs and policies in the foyer

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What are the opening hours?

Treetops @ Kirrawee opens from 7am til 6pm, Monday through Friday. We are open 50 weeks of the year, with a short break over the Christmas/New Year period.

For people wishing to view the service we welcome you to make an appointment with management to arrange a suitable day and time. Please see our Viewing Appointment page.

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When do my fees change?

Our fees are determined based on the room your child is in. The fee you are charged per day is based on your child’s age at the beginning of the year and does not change at the time of your child’s birthday.

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Can I bring in a birthday cake for my child’s birthday?

On the special occasion of your child’s birthday you may wish to contact management to arrange a chocolate or vanilla birthday cake, supplied by KGF. The cake is nut, dairy, wheat and preservative free so that children with allergies are included in the celebrations. A small fee will be charged.

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Why do i need to provide my child’s birth certificate and Medicare immunisation record?

Your child’s birth certificate must be sighted as proof of your custodial relationship to a child. Under the Child Care and Protection Act, only parents, or custodial guardians may enrol a child into a service.

Immunisation records must be provided to ensure your child has been properly immunised for their age.

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What happens if my child does not usually have a daytime sleep?

A bed is offered for each child within the service. If your child does not sleep they will be able to participate in quiet experiences during rest time.

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How do I settle my child in to care?

Each child will settle into the service in quite different ways. Some children will happily separate whilst others may cry or cling to you when you leave. How many days a child attends the service each week may determine how long it takes them to settle in.



As day one approaches, try to plan for a short day. We recommend that the first few days in care are no longer than 6 hours e.g. 9am til 3pm. As other children start to be collected your child may start to become anxious and remember that you are not with them, especially if a new friend is collected first. It can be a long day of adjusting to a new setting so the shorter the day the better their day will be.


Please bring any comforters (special toys, dummy or blanket). Don’t forget to clearly label EVERYTHING!


We understand that separation is a big step and we encourage you to phone, as many times as you need, for progress reports throughout the day. Our staff actively encourage parents/family members to stay and settle their child on the first day. The length of time you stay depends on your needs and your child’s. Management will send a text on the first day to let you know how your child is going and you will also be able to be kept up to date with photos and blurbs from our Kinderloop app.

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Where are we?

Treetops @ Kirrawee is located at 160 Bath Road Kirrawee, Just off the Princes Hwy on the Corner of Bath Road and Clements Parade. Right next to Kirrawee Public School.

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What is the Child Care Subsidy?

The CCS is the system of government funded fee assistance for parents with children enrolled in approved centres. The CCS is income tested  – please find more info at the following link (http://guides.dss.gov.au/family-assistance-guide/3/5/1)

The CCS also has an hourly limit per fortnight and is calculated on your “hours of activity” – please find more info at the following link (http://guides.dss.gov.au/family-assistance-guide/3/5/2/10)

Both parent and child will be given a CRN from centrelink. After your CCS claim has been processed you must then choose Treetops @ Kirrawee as your childcare in mygov. The CCS is subtracted from your fees each week.

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