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Treetops @ Kirrawee provide the highest quality of care to the individual needs of each child and their families. Here you will find a safe, warm, welcoming home like atmosphere. We provide an environment that fosters physical, social, emotional, personal, spiritual, creative, cognitive and linguistic development. We recognise that the outdoor environment plays a central role in a child’s learning and development and as such include natural experiences as part of our curriculum.


We promote a sense of comfort by giving priority to nurturing relationships and providing children with consistent emotional encouragement. This is especially important when children interact with their peers as it helps them to form secure relationships, develop confidence and feel respected.


We provide a happy, fun, flexible place that children will enjoy. We ensure children have the support to make sense of the world and to use their natural curiosity and investigation skills.


We believe that play is a context for learning. Our staff facilitates positive and stimulating play experiences that are relevant to each child’s culture, age, stage of development, interests, needs and abilities. We view children as active participants and decision makers by involving their individual interests, strengths and needs into our program containing spontaneous and planned experiences.


We believe each child is an individual who progresses through their development at their own pace. We encourage the inclusion of children with additional needs and support them by networking with a wide range of professionals. We are committed to equality and believe that all children have the ability to succeed, regardless of circumstance. We make curriculum decisions that promote the participation of all children.


We value the important connection to family, community and culture in each child’s early development and will therefore work alongside families in a partnership of open communication, by keeping families regularly informed of their child’s interests and strengths. In turn we value the wide range of skills, knowledge and important information families have to contribute concerning their children. We support and respect any level of involvement that families are able to provide.


Multiculturalism is a fully integrated principle underpinning Treetops’ culture.  We promote diversity throughout our staff, the children entrusted to our care, their families and the wider community.  We are vigilant about ensuring that each child will be provided with an equal opportunity to learn and develop, regardless of their cultural and socio-economic background, their religious beliefs, their gender, their age or disability.  We honour and respect the history, culture, language, traditions, child rearing practices and lifestyle choices of families.  We commit to think critically about opportunities and dilemmas that can arise from diversity, and take the initiative to prevent them, or take action to rectify unfairness if it should occur. We provide opportunities to learn about similarities and differences, and about interdependence, and how we can learn to live together.


We strive to build a professional team at Treetops which is based on respect, mutual support and a positive attitude.  All staff are encouraged and supported to embrace a continual improvement approach to their personal and professional development. Staff with no qualifications are taken on each year and provided with on the job training and office time for study.  Treetops @ Kirrawee facilitate a learning culture by seeking ways to build professional knowledge such as promoting in-services and staff meetings.  And we ensure a culture of excellence by ensuring that the recommended practices, and the standards, rules and regulations set out by DoE and NQF are fully integrated into our organisation policies, procedures and work practices.


Reviewed by staff and families in January 2017