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 Fees will be charged weekly from your selected bank account or credit card through direct debit every Tuesday.  


Please note: the fee you are charged per day is based on your child’s age at the beginning of the year and does not change at the time of your child’s birthday.


Fees need to be paid for the days your child is booked into the centre, including public holidays as well as absences for sickness or holidays. Please give a minimum of 2 weeks notice to management if you are going on holidays, we will then advertise these days as an additional once off, if someone takes the days, you will not need to pay for them. Fees are not payable during the two week period over Christmas when we are closed.


Ages/RoomsCost per day
Acorn Room (1-2’s) – $120.00 per day
Acorn Room (2-3’s) – $115.00 per day
Oak Room (3-5’s) – $100.00 per day